Retro Rocket Cafe

Coffee & Retro Sci-Fi Goodies

Retro Rocket Cafe is a fan funded adventure. As such, it is important we raise enough funds by store purchases (Take Out) and donations to keep us afloat. If you find yourself amused, amazed and full of adoration for our series, please consider making a purchase or donation.

Our stuff makes great gifts for everyone or better yet, for yourself.



Be the envy of every space jockey, cowboy, marauder, invader, smuggler, stormtrooper, droid, face hugger, evil corporate thug, admiral, Borg and NASA scientist when you place this stunning 11oz. mug on the arm of your captain’s chair or weapons console! Makes a great gift and supports our show. (Price includes shipping! Use the PayPal button for other credit card choices as well.)



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